SPIRAL DYNAMICS: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change

Section 1: Overview of Spiral Dynamics

Different Times Produce Different Minds
The Nature of
vMEME Systems
The Mind of the Spiral

Section 2: The Dynamics of the Spiral's vMEME

Change and the Spiral
The Dynamics of Leadership
Spiral Wizardry
Spiral Alignment: STREAMING Visions into Reality
Spiral Integration: Power & Precision in Organization Design and Transformation

Section 3: The Spiral Wizard's Field Manual

The First Tier -- Six Subsistence vMEMEs

BEIGE - SurvivalSense - The Instinctive vMEME
PURPLE - KinSpirits - The Clannish
RED - PowerGods - The Egocentric
BLUE - TruthForce - The Purposeful
ORANGE - StriveDrive - The Strategic
GREEN - HumanBond - The Relativistic

Stepping Over to the Second Tier -- The Being Level vMEMEs

YELLOW - FlexFlow - The Systemic vMEME
TURQUOISE - GlobalView - The Holistic

Section 4: Global Order and Chaos on the Dynamic Spiral

Global Awakenings: "New World Order" (and Chaos)

Resources for Spiral Wizards